Custom Orders

The Silver Hook creates all her own designs and loves to have new challenges! Any order can have the colours customized. Designs based on logos, photos, drawings, and comics welcomed (examples of customer orders, click here). Check out my custom request policy below, and send an email to to start the process. Most of my designs are based off of customer requests.

  • Alterations and changes can be made to any order prior to the customer taking possession of the item (s).

  • If an email address is provided, pictures of your finished order will be emailed for approval prior to shipping

  • Once the order is complete, you have a one month grace period to pay for the order. After the grace period ends, the item will be up for sale.

  • If you change your mind, you can cancel your order anytime before it is shipped.

  • Payment is only required after you have approved of the final product (emailed picture) and prior to shipping.


Link (Zelda Twighlight Princess)
Scott Pilgrim & Ramona Flowers