The Silver Hook Catalogue is currently available and is updated every Winter. If you would like a digital copy, or one mailed to you, please send an email to: info@TheSilverHook.ca. To qualify for wholesale pricing, you must order a minimum of 10 items. They can be all of the same type or different types.

About the Catalogue

All items are handmade to order by Susan Timmons (business owner), and customization requests are accepted. More toys than those listed here are available. Please send an email with your request to info@TheSilverHook.ca.

Any item can be turned into a rattle toy at no additional cost. Also, you can chose the colours or give a colour palette (e.g. pastels, naturals, bright). If no colour preferences are given, the colours will be decided at the discretion of The Silver Hook.

For each item listed, the size and wholesale price is listed. In brackets after the price the suggested retail price is given based on a 60/40 split with 40% being the business profit and the 60% equal to the wholesale/consignment price. This is a suggested price, and you may charge whatever you feel is appropriate. Each item is tagged with ribbon: “Handmade in Canada * Machine was and Dry” Shipping is free (exception for returns)

To qualify for wholesale pricing and free shipping, orders must be for a minimum of 10 items. They can be all of one type of toy, or a combination of different toys.

Contact Info
(613) 454-2035

Display at Carre-Four (Halfiax, NS)