Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Selling Wholesale

It has been a little while since I last posted. I've actually been quite busy crocheting. The local farmers' market has been a bit slow compared to last year, however I have begun regularily selling my creations at a local store, Carrefour at the historic Properties in Halifax, NS. I had previously filled an order for them back in February. Now, I look forward to their order each month.

Selling wholesale has been a wonderful experience for me. People have approached me at the farmers' market to say they have seen my work at this store. Ideally I would like a second wholesale store (email me if you would like details) to balance out my income.

I was approached by a woman last February. She had purchased one of my mermaids at Christmas time and thought my work would fit in well where she worked. Her store specializes in local crafts, art, and literature. Since I already sell my creations as cheaply as possible, I needed to find a way to make wholesale worth-while. When crocheting in bulk, I tend to be a bit quicker and decided that if the store ordered 10 or more items they could have a 10% discount, or a 20% discount on orders of 20 or more items. In Canada, an artisan does not need to pay tax until their business makes a certain amount annually, a number I have yet to reach, so I do not need to charge tax- another benefit to selling wholesale. If a store outside of my immediate area would like to have my products, instead of the 20% discount, I would probably give a maximum of 10% off, but offer free shipping.

I fill my wholesale orders ahead of any projects I am working on for the market. Once it is complete, I will either deliver them myself, or if it is a Saturday, they will come and pick them up from me at the market. I am usually paid upon delivery. The entire process is very easy.

I'm not sure what the store charges for my creations, and honestly, it does not matter to me. I am getting the price I have negotiated, but I do not have staff and overhead costs like a store does. I feel very comfortable with my contact, and I am happy with my experiences with them.

Below is a picture of my last wholesale order- it's not a great photo, but it gives an idea of what a typical wholesale order is for me.