Monday, October 24, 2011

Ottawa OktoberFest


Ottawa Oktoberfest PumpkinSaturday, October 21 my husband and I decided take the public transit downtown Ottawa for the 2nd Annual OktoberFest at the Byward Market. There was live music, pumpkins, apples, wagon rides, dancing, and, of course, sausages, schnitzel, and beer. 


The day began overcast and damp, but the forecast was optimistic. While the temperature was a bit cool, walking around and enjoying the sights, sounds, and smells we quickly warmed up!

ottawa oktoberfest wagonottawa oktoberfest accordianbyward market 2011

We even managed to see, from left to right in the picture the German Ambassador, Ottawa MP (member of Parliament), and Ottawa Mayor at the kick off ceremony. The three guests participated in a stein (but in this case they didn’t have any steins available so they used pitchers) holding competition, where they competed to see who would outlast the others while holding out a pitcher of beer. The German ambassador later told us that we were doing it wrong. In Germany, they drink the beer, then hold up the steins.

ottawa oktoberfest german ambassador

I adore Autumn colors, and was sure to bring my camera to inspire future amigurumi color palettes. I love the purple iris, pumpkin orange, apple red.

applesautumn flowersbyward pumpkins

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Return to Halifax in December


SDC11879 I was definitely on the fence. Trying to decide whether or not to participate in any metro Halifax craft shows this holiday season. I was born Nova Scotian, but lived away from my home province from 2000-2006, and I am again living in Ontario (specifically Ottawa). For this alone I wanted to return.


Another strong argument for coming home for a craft show: Halifax (HRM) is where I began The Silver Hook, and I have been fortunate to meet so many great and wonderful people that have supported me tremendously as I figured out my crochet style. The downside? I traveled a lot this past summer, and in traveling, there is added cost.


There were two shows I was considering: Hal-Con and Halifax Crafters. I decided to apply for Halifax Crafters (although if you like sci-fi, I highly checking out Hal-Con. I had so much fun there last year).  I applied to Halifax Crafters as it is later in the season, I have been attending their craft shows for 3 years, I can predict roughly how much I will make to cover the cost of travel, and it has free admission. I figure more of my friends and customers will have an easier time attending this event. This show is very competitive and there are more and more applicants each year. I am always nervous that I will not be accepted. Each year there are more and more applicants. I have known many artisans who have attended previous shows, but were not accepted in others. I sent in my application and crossed my fingers…


Happily I was accepted! So I am inviting everyone to the Halifax Crafters Craft Show December 3-4 at the Olympic Centre. Here are a few pictures from their spring show:

Mi kMaq quill art The Silver Hook Lou Lou Bell Halifax Crafters Pottery

Monday, October 10, 2011

Two Custom Orders: Thomas Turtle & Grell


Thomas Turtle

Most of my work is done in acrylic yarn, but every once in a while I receive a request for a different yarn. I was so happy to work on this little turtle made from cotton yarn for a special, new born baby boy. He even rattles :)

Turtle AmigurumiTurtle Amigurmi packaging 



I love requests for new designs. This one is for an anime character, Grell, from Black Butler. I spent weeks thinking of the logistics of making him, and I absolutely adore how he turned out. The bright red jacket is removable and he is about 8 inches tall.

Grell Grell Doll


Custom Orders

For new designs, I usually need a picture and either a price range or a size range. For items that I make on a regular basis, I can customize the colors and materials. However, different materials may change the cost.  To find out more about placing a custom order, send me an email: