Sunday, October 16, 2011

Return to Halifax in December


SDC11879 I was definitely on the fence. Trying to decide whether or not to participate in any metro Halifax craft shows this holiday season. I was born Nova Scotian, but lived away from my home province from 2000-2006, and I am again living in Ontario (specifically Ottawa). For this alone I wanted to return.


Another strong argument for coming home for a craft show: Halifax (HRM) is where I began The Silver Hook, and I have been fortunate to meet so many great and wonderful people that have supported me tremendously as I figured out my crochet style. The downside? I traveled a lot this past summer, and in traveling, there is added cost.


There were two shows I was considering: Hal-Con and Halifax Crafters. I decided to apply for Halifax Crafters (although if you like sci-fi, I highly checking out Hal-Con. I had so much fun there last year).  I applied to Halifax Crafters as it is later in the season, I have been attending their craft shows for 3 years, I can predict roughly how much I will make to cover the cost of travel, and it has free admission. I figure more of my friends and customers will have an easier time attending this event. This show is very competitive and there are more and more applicants each year. I am always nervous that I will not be accepted. Each year there are more and more applicants. I have known many artisans who have attended previous shows, but were not accepted in others. I sent in my application and crossed my fingers…


Happily I was accepted! So I am inviting everyone to the Halifax Crafters Craft Show December 3-4 at the Olympic Centre. Here are a few pictures from their spring show:

Mi kMaq quill art The Silver Hook Lou Lou Bell Halifax Crafters Pottery

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