Monday, November 26, 2012

Hal-Con 2012: A Crafters Experience Part 3, The Hidden Benefits


IMG_2660In the first two posts about Hal-Con detailed my decision making process  to attend as a vendor (Part 1) and the awesome guests (Part 2). Part 3 focuses on the hidden benefits. Hidden because I cannot assign a dollar value to each one, but they are profits to be considered: networking, brand building, brand improvements, inspiration, and building memories.


At Hal-Con, I was approached by small business owners for possible future consignment and wholesale opportunities. One was a B&B looking for tourist wares (mermaids, seagulls, and lobsters). Another opportunity came from a fellow creative vendor thinking of opening a new store in Spring 2013. While I do not normally do consignment sales any more, I’ve known her for many years and would happily make an exception.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Hal-Con 2012: A Crafter's Experience Part 2, The Guests

In Part 1 I shared my decision making process as to whether or not I should travel to Halifax, NS and participate at Hal-Con. In this post, I wanted to share some of the many perks.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hal-Con 2012: A Crafter’s Experience Part 1, Decisions


IMG_2661Hal-Con 2012 was an amazing sci-fi and fantasy convention. I attended as both a fan and an exhibitor. I wanted to share my experience.

The decision to attend began way back in March with a call out to artists and vendors. I fit somewhere in the middle of these two groups. Big vendor spaces were much larger than I could fill compared to the artist set up, but I was lucky to be an artist in the vendor room. Best of both worlds!

[That’s Nelson, the Hal-Con mascot in the picture. His shape is inspired the by the Halifax Citadel clock tower. He is named for the Lord Nelson Hotel, the location of the first convention. In this picture he is playing with a Nelson amigurumi I designed for the 2010 convention.