Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Hal-Con 2012: A Crafter's Experience Part 2, The Guests

In Part 1 I shared my decision making process as to whether or not I should travel to Halifax, NS and participate at Hal-Con. In this post, I wanted to share some of the many perks.

The most obvious perk was being able to attend Hal-Con and to attend sessions and events.

Each day the vendor area closed at 7pm but the conference events continued well into the night. Although sleepy from the busy days, it wasn’t difficult to round up excitement and energy for the evening events. Most memorable for me were the musical events: the Halifax Concert Band playing movie and television theme songs (including Sailor Moon!), Nerd Army – a group of three guitarists and drummer playing video game music, and Paul and Storm a geeky, musical comedy group (video below).

 Special Guests

I was also thrilled that many of the special guests took the time to visit the vendor area. The woman with René Auberjonois was thrilled with my weeping angels. She excitedly described their roll in Doctor Who. Nick Briggs was wandering around one afternoon. I started chatting with him after asking if he was who I thought he was- the voice of the Daleks voice on Doctor Who
John Rhys-Davies was the talk of the convention! Everyone was talking about how he was friendly, personable, and always willing to pose for a picture. I was especially impressed that he knew my toys were crocheted and not knitted (must have some crafting experience!). He even suggesting coming behind my booth for a photo with myself, my husband, and a neighbouring vendor. The rumours at Hal-Con were true: he does tickle during pictures – probably to get the best smiles :).
John Rhys-Davies
The hat that I’m wearing was made by my friend over at Chubby Star! I had so many compliments on it. She’s planning on opening an Etsy shop early 2014.

I have so much more to share in my next post including the hidden perks

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