Saturday, April 18, 2009

Market Day

I had a great day at market. Today I sold mermaids, lions, monkeys, and horses. I thought I would blog which items I sold in case there is anyone following my blog that is trying to find out which toys are popular. I also have an order for next week. On May 2 (I will not be at the Dartmouth Farmers' Market that weekend) the market will be opening at 7am and the table fee will be increasing. The earlier start time generally means that the farmers will be bringing in their produce. Hopefully it will also signify an increase in customers.

Today was our first truly beautiful spring day. We had sunny skies and warm temperatures. Much nicer than last weekend's flurries and rain. The market was busy from 9:30am until 11am, but it greatly died out after that. I imagine most people were wanting to spend the afternoon outdoors.

Where will I be on May 2? I will be attending a craft fair at a school is Muscadoboit. There is also a Spring/Summer Farmers' Market in this community that I hope to be attending on Sundays beginning in June.

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