Thursday, April 16, 2009

Maude the Mermaid

Success! I have been meaning to write the pattern for Maude the Mermaid for a long time now- finally it is done and available on ETSY. I currently have one copy available at a time of any item on Etsy, and they are relisted as they are sold.

Maude was the 4th mermaid that I made. The first two were hideous. I know mermaids are imaginary, but a strong imagination was needed for the first two. Number three was very similar to Maude, with the only variations being the eyes, thumbs on the hands, and using a smaller hook size for the fins.

Along with Maude, there is Mona with her large, loopy hair, Mona who is 5 inches longer than Maude and Mona, and a yet to be named 3 inch smaller mermaid. Any M name suggestions are welcome for the smaller mermaid.

Now that this pattern is finished, I'm not sure what my next focus will be. Tomorrow is all about getting ready for the Dartmouth Farmers' Market and getting ready for a visit from my future in-laws :) I'd better start working on tidying the spare room/yarn room. Yup, the yarn stash has grown to the point where it gets its own room.

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