Friday, April 24, 2009

Produce at the Market

Seeing that my main source for sales is at my local farmers market and in the next few weeks local fresh produce will be coming with the farmers, I have started to make a line of produce and food: beginning with carrots. They seemed like the most logical place to begin.

Carrots begin with a basic cone shape, something I have been using for the past year for my mermaid tails, although the carrots are larger than Maude's tail and smaller than Mira's tail. The leaves are made using a central chain for the stem and loops of chains off of either side. I worked the carrots using the back loop only to give it the characteristic rings. I must say that I have been quite impressed with how well they have turned out. If possible I am going to add something to the inside to turn them into rattles. I'm thinking that bells might work. I will keep you updated.

On another note, today is fudge making day! I make two double batches of fudge and a batch of peanut brittle on Fridays before the Farmers' Market. Lately the number of people selling fudge has increased (I used to be the only person, now there are 5 or so), I have loyal, regular customers. Why make fudge if I am a crocheter? Crochet sales are not as high enough to make me particularly confident so I make fudge each week to offset the cost of renting the table. Crocheted toys will last almost forever, limiting how often the same customer will buy something, but fudge is something people will come back for each week.

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