Thursday, September 16, 2010


For those who know me personally- I’m a bit of a geek. In junior high (back in 1990’s), I photoshopped a ST:TNG image with the heads of my friends. I’ve watched every episode of the new Battlestar Galactica and am currently waiting for the next season of Caprica. I even watched part of Star Trek: Insurrection on the weekend  (oh Rick Berman, couldn’t you have brought back a Q plot for the last TNG movie? –it has nothing to do with my childhood crush on Q!). I thought Star Trek Enterprise was cancelled before its time. And I do love SGU (it is what Voyager could have been) and Doctor Who (and the flying blue telephone booth). Besides, isn’t it patriotic to support many of these shows since many are filmed right here in Canada and have many Canadian actors.
Understandably, I’ve been talking non-stop about Hal-Con since I was contacted by them to create a crocheted version of their mascot back in March. Once I understood that it was going to be used for fundraising, I decided to donate the creation. Since then I have be super excited by this science fiction convention coming to Halifax, this Hallowe’en weekend.
I am going to be creating more of the mascot robots for some of the VIP guests (Walter Koening, Jeremy Bulloch, Denise Crosby, Aaron Douglas, Kevin Murphy, Bill Corbett), and I will be a vendor as well (unfortunately I will not be a vendor at the Dartmouth Handcrafters Guild Christmas Craft Show at the Dartmouth Sportsplex since they fall on the same dates.
Between now and the convention, I will be dedicating my Sunday crochet time to making the mascots, and my Mondays will be spent designing new sci-fi inspired toys. So far I have designed Greys (the stereotypical alien). Did you know that greys are the featured alien in 90% of reported UFO abductions in Canada? The Grey pattern is currently available in my Etsy shop (, and the doll will be available soon.
SDC15823 SDC15836 SDC15827
The Jennifer Lamb and Jen Johnston with Hal-Con have both been amazing. Super friendly giving me so much artistic license. The organizing committee sounds like a group anyone would want to work with. If you are a fan of science fiction and would like to support a local group who donates part of their profits to charity, I would recommend joining the Hal-Con group on Facebook and checking out the convention at the end of October.

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