Friday, January 21, 2011

A Day to Renew

I have been busy with The Silver Hook non-stop since November 2010. There were 6 multi-day craft shows, markets, and happily many custom and Christmas orders. For the first time, I had orders spanning over the holidays, some of which I have yet to finish (a huge thank you to the patience of some of my clients). Last Saturday was my 29th birthday, but I did not do much to celebrate that day: it was my first week back at the Historic Farmers' Market and my husband was working a night shift. We decided to celebrate on Tuesday. For many small business owners, our businesses can consume all of our free time. We think about it late at night, first thing in the morning, and pretty much all day. But on Tuesday, I spent the day away from my hook and yarn, and had a wonderful time in Halifax and Dartmouth.

I awoke to the sound of music….my husband singing Happy Birthday :) and a little while later I had one of his specialties for breakfast: grilled cheese sandwich. After breakfast we began our day. We started with Dartmouth ( as sister city to Halifax located on the opposite side of the harbour) was filled with a bus trip to downtown, a walk to the ferry, a trip to the Alderney Gate Library (I checked out a book on Bavarian Crochet) and a quick snack at Two If By Sea – a bakery that began at the Dartmouth Farmers Market and after a few months opened a brick and mortar shop. The portions are huge and delicious. Jason (my husband) and I split a chocolate chip cookie and a croissant and enjoyed our water in mason jars.
The Giant Cookie at Two If By Sea

In the afternoon we returned via the ferry to Halifax and walked to the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia. There were a few notable exhibits on Maud Lewis, folk art, and an audio exhibit on ocean sounds using reclaimed electronics/speakers that interpreted real time data from ocean buoys. I very much enjoyed the exhibit on Maud Lewis: she created her bright paintings without any sort of artistic education or having ever visited a gallery. She painted from her heart.
Artwork on the Roof of the North Gallery at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia

After the gallery we walked up Spring Garden road  to see the movie Black Swan (fantastic acting by Natalie Portman) and picked up take out a Baan Thai for supper. We ate supper while watching a documentary on Netflix about the Amish culture. I now understand that Amish people put community well-being before technological ease, and it gave me much to consider.

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