Friday, January 28, 2011

Introducing Louis Lobster

SDC16688SDC16684 SDC16687 

After many requests, and my goal to make more East Coast/Marine themed amigurumi, I have designed Louis Lobster. Although I am not included in this group, so many of my friends and family love to eat lobster (the cockroach of the ocean). I always knew what was for supper when the table was lined with garbage bags and the hammers come out. Even the local airport, Stanfield International Airport, Halifax, NS, sells live lobster. Louis Lobster represents Nova Scotia culture and he is named for the Fortress of Louisbourg where I worked during the summer in high school as an interpreter – I wore lots of wool and fired a musket.


As with all my amigurumi, I wanted to make sure that Louis would be child-friendly and very durable. Since I do not love sewing, the antennae and legs are made as part of the body. The colour in the picture is Hot Red (0390) by Red Heart Yarn, but I have many different shades of red. Should I make some in green as well? Louis will be added to Etsy shortly, and I hope to have the pattern available next week.

Louis joins my three different mermaids. More aquatic themed creations to come in 2011!

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