Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Six Word Story Etsy Challenge

How would you describe yourself or your work if you could only use six words to describe your story? That is a question and challenge posted on Etsy. Those who know me, know that I am chatty, but paring down a story to just six words can really bring focus to the core of a person or business. I suppose it is similar to when selecting tags for a post or listing. Time is not stagnant, and I’m sure that my six words will need to be revised, but I think it is a neat challenge. To read more about the post, click here!

I began with jotting down the first adjectives that came to mind: folk art, amigurumi, artisan, handmade, durable, yarn, imagination, original, functional….hmm…harder than I thought it would be! Okay, maybe I should just stick some words together. I can be very analytical trying to come up with the perfect flow, but for this I wanted to be less thoughtful. How do I view The Silver Hook?

“Creator of whimsical, functional, yarn toys”

How about looking in the mirror? How do I view myself?

“Persevering analytical and creative sensitive woman”

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