Saturday, April 30, 2011

Halifax Crafters Present Spring Flight

halifax crafters spring 2011Today and tomorrow I will be participating at a craft show put on by the most amazing group: Halifax Crafters. The show is very competitive to enter. On the application I need to describe how much of the finished product is the result of my skills. So I make sure to add that I design my patters, complete the crocheting, and finish off my toys with hand-sewing. I feel very flattered and fortunate that I have been accepted for my fifth show with this group.

What makes this group exceptional…

They have a strong focus on creativity & originality and operate like a co-op. In my city, 2-day craft shows often run between $100-$200, however, this show is roughly $60! Why such a difference? Well, like in most co-op organizations, it is expected that the participants work towards collective goals: all vendors are expected to help set up the location (tables and chairs) before they set up their own booths. At the end of the show, each vendor helps to put away their tables and tidy. Also, vendors contribute to decorating the venue and make a donation for a raffle. At the Winter Show back in December, we were asked to create snowflakes, and they looked beautiful!
Halifax Crafters (6) Halifax Crafters (1) Halifax Crafters (4) Halifax Crafters (5)
I will be keeping my eyes open for  gifts for the year while I am there.
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