Thursday, June 30, 2011

Proud to Be Canadian!


Canadian Moose at Royal Mint in Ottawa I thought about writing a blog post about the many, many things that I love about Canada. But then I realized I would be writing non-stop for days! So I’m going to share a little about my exploration of Canada. Be sure to read to the bottom for my Proud To Be Canadian Challenge! (That is a picture of me kissing the RCMP Moose at the Royal Canadian Mint, August 2010)

I am a so proud to be Canadian, and I am proud to be a Cape Bretoner. Last Summer, I was very happy to travel through Canada for my honeymoon. I travelled to Montreal, Ottawa, Vancouver, Jasper, Edmonton, and Calgary. Originally our plans included Saskatchewan and Manitoba, but we ran out of time, however we do plan on continuing to explore this awesome country in the years to come.

 Parliament Hill, Ottawa, Canada, August 2010

Other than vacationing in Canada, my husband and I also like to live in various cities. We met while in university in Fredericton, New Brunswick. We moved to Guelph, Ontario while I completed my M.Sc. and next moved to Halifax, Nova Scotia where my husband finished his university studies and worked as a meteorologist for Environment Canada. Halifax has been the city where we lived the longest (5 years), and now we are preparing to move to Ottawa (capital of Canada for my international friends).


The Silver Hook Mermaids, Seagulls, and LobstersThis past Winter, I began to focus on designing Canadiana themed toys, such as Seamus Seagull, Louis Lobster, and Mona Mermaid. Other ideas that I am ‘toying’ with include beavers and moose. I’m definitely open to suggestions and if you have any, please post a comment.



  The Challenge

On Canada Day 2011, I would like to issue a challenge for you to support Canadian artists. During the month of July buy one item that has been created and fabricated in Canada! Places to check out include (you can complete a search by location), tourism boutiques, and local farmers markets. 

Have you completed the challenge? Share your purchase by posting a comment, telling friends, or sending me an email with a link or picture and I will share it in a follow-up post!




Happy Canada Day Everyone!


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