Monday, September 12, 2011

Etsy Treasury with an Autumn Theme


Change of Seasons

I love the cooler days of fall. I sleep better, I work better, and I’m more motivated. With the exception of the Summer Solstice, the changing of any season can be motivating. A great time to become organized an reassess goals.  I also love this time of year for produce. I imagine that soon Canadian apples will be ready for harvest. Yum!

Louis Lobster Doris Duck Tudor Turkey Crocheted Carrot


Etsy Treasury



I’m not the only person with Fall on their mind. My Tudor Turkey Rattle has been featured in an Etsy Treasury: Come On Autumn, We Miss You.


I’ve been happily browsing this treasury, clicking on lots of creations, and I wanted to share one that really stood out for me out of the 16 featured artisans: a needle felted Autumn Pumpkin. I really enjoy how Nushkie layered the many different colors into the pumpkin. It adds a lot of interest. Along with the picture of the pumpkin, I’ve also included a few pictures of other items in the shop (shown below). Click on them for more information.

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