Thursday, September 22, 2011

I’m Geeky but Reject Technology


SDC16748 I know this comes as no surprise to anyone who has had more than one conversation with me. I love learning. I read fantasy books, I watch sci-fi, I constantly follow the news, I love CBC radio, and I love finance, biology, meteorology (Jason, is a meteorologist). When I get excited and I am trying to explain something, I often slip into relating it to science.


LOL! I’ve even compared using different sizes of yarn and crochet hooks to pixels and resolution! I did learn yesterday while listening to The Spark that I also reject technology by being capable of having a cell phone but not having one when at least half of my country uses them.  I am completely cell phone illiterate.


But I don’t mind. I’m an introvert, and I enjoy my quiet times to come up with new designs and ponder the questions of life. I’m very friendly and I like people, but I really enjoy my quiet time. Perhaps my personality makes working from home and alone ideal for me.


They’re Here

With thanks to Hal-Con, this past year my love of sci-fi merged with my crocheting. I never thought my Grey Alien would so popular. He was featured yesterday in a treasury (the nerd in me tries not to cringe at the grammar), There Here!!!!!! BeepbeepbeepBOOPbeep

I think that the Alien Coasters by Blyth House Creations would make a great gift. They are very subtle, but the design is obvious to science fiction fans.


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