Friday, September 23, 2011

The Silver Hook in Ottawa

Farewell to Nova Scotia?

Where did Summer go? Personally, I’m still wondering what happened to January! September marks a new beginning for most people: kids are back in school, change of seasons, end of the lazy days. For The Silver Hook, September marks the return to routines after a few very busy summer months.

I’ve moved! Yup! Well, mostly moved. I have yet to finish unpacking. Different sized rooms and different layouts. I feel like I’m playing a 3D Tetris! I’ve carried the same chair up and down the stairs so many times! I haven’t even unpacked my yarn or set up my new crochet space – but I’m working on it!

Parliament Canada OttawaMy husband and I enjoy moving and the opportunity came along for my husband to have a lateral transfer at work and move to Ottawa, the capitol of Canada. Jason and I visited here last summer as part of our honeymoon. While I will always be a Cape Bretoner, this is our second time living in Ontario. We lived in Guelph (near Toronto) for two years. We still maintain a few friendships from Guelph, and I hope we will have the change to meet up with them at some point (it’s still a 6 hour drive).
I am not currently attend any craft markets or shows. I haven’t had the time to research any (if you know of any, please leave a comment). My Etsy shop is again open, and ready for business. The Silver Hook on Etsy

Let Your Mountains Dark and Dreary Be

First off, I have to say how much I absolutely love the title of this treasury! Makes me want to sing (for those readers who do not know the song, it is a famous Nova Scotian song, Farewell to Nova Scotia). Second, it is a very fitting treasury considering my recent move.

Normally when I post a treasury, I highlight my favourite item: Peggy’s Cover Fine Art Print by Paula Lafontaine Photography. This artist is new to Etsy and lives in Halifax (I was surprised to see that Nova Scotia has inspired so many artists from the United States in the treasury – I guess it makes a lasting impression!). I highly recommend checking out the rest of her pictures. The colors are amazing. I’ve added this shop to my favourites. I think it will come in handy at Christmas time. I know many displaced Nova Scotians.