Sunday, September 18, 2011

What’s Going On in Store this Week

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It has been a great week. I am still working on setting up my crochet space in my new house. The major items (like my hooks) have been unpacked, so improvements happen in intense moments of inspiration that burn out quickly.
On of my main goals this week was to learn more about the changes to the Etsy search options. Importance is now being place on the title, so I am slowly renaming items to make the titles more descriptive. I’ve noticed a drop in sales and item views since this change happened, but it is also September and people are busy. Fingers crossed that online picks up soon :)
I have put a pair of patterns on sale and added some new finished products on Etsy. I have placed 6 amigurumi on sale as well and created a new design!


New Design: Rustic Rattle

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Rustic Rattle is the perfect new baby gift, especially with these gender neutral colors! Stuffed with polyester fiberfill, it is very light for small hands. The ridge along the top adds extra texture for little fingers. As with everything that I make, it is machine wash and dry.
Would you like to crochet your own rattle? The pattern is available on both Etsy and Ravelry. If you cannot find rattle inserts, I do have some available on Etsy.
I have three rattles currently available online. Let me know what you think of the design! I love all feedback!

Sales: Patterns and Toys


Louis Lobster Tudor Turkey
This week I have two patterns for sale in my Etsy Shop: Louis Lobster and, just in time for Autumn, Tudor Turkey. I am always available for any pattern support. Just send an email to
Louis Lobster will be on sale until Tuesday, September 20; and Tudor Turkey will be on sale until Friday, September 23.

Toys, Dolls, and Amigurumi

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Currently in the Sale section of The Silver Hook shop there is:
  • Large Mira Mermaid Doll with wavy red hair for $36.25 (regular price $48.33, savings of 25%!)
  • Three Charlie Chickens (pastel yarn) for $13.32 (regular price $16.67, savings of 20%)
  • Chocolate Brown, Bailey Bunny for $15.00 (regular price $18.33, savings of almost 20%)