Friday, December 2, 2011

On The Tracks


SDC17444 I am in transit…well not yet, but I will be when this is published on Friday.  I on a train homeward bound to Nova Scotia for a craft market in Halifax (details below) followed by a mini vacation in Cape Breton. While I love Nova Scotia and traveling, this is my business blog for The Silver Hook, and I wanted to share why I decided to travel for a craft market. Note: all the pictures in this post are from past events hosted by Halifax Crafters Society.


Halifax is the capital of Nova Scotia, a East Coast province of Nova Scotia with is mostly surrounded by salt water. It is also where I started The Silver Hook. My first reason to return for a craft show is that I have an amazing collection of clients in the area. I have been attending this event for 3 years. Second, the craft show I am attending, Yuletide Cheer hosted by Halifax Crafters, is a great opportunity. The vendors are so creative and inspire my own creativity. It is a seriously juried event (the vendors sample products are screened before being admitted) and brings in great crowds. I suppose it doesn’t hurt that admission is free. Finally, I have been absent from the Nova Scotia crafting scene since the Spring, and craft markets increase my visibility.


Before making the final decision to attend, was whether it would make financial sense and to set a financial goal for this event. I need to overcome roughly $400 overhead for this trip and sales are never guaranteed. I am reaping so many benefits, including the personal benefits of visiting friends at the market. I’ve set my goal for this show to cover the expenses/overhead along with some Christmas shopping while I’m there.


If you are in the Halifax area (HRM) this weekend, come stop by. It is located at the Olympic Centre (sort of the corner of Cunard and Windsor near the Halifax Commons) and runs Saturday and Sunday from 11am to 6pm. Most vendors accept cash only and the ATM has run out of money at previous shows, so come prepared :) Parking is available behind the building and around the multitude of side streets in the area.

SDC17468 Halifax Crafters (1) Halifax Crafters (6)

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