Friday, January 20, 2012

Mermaid Quartet


This week I finished working on a special Etsy order that is currently en route to West Coast of Canada: four mermaids! Three mermaids are for triplet sisters and the fourth is for a best friend.

Other than the hair lengths and colours I was free to pick the colors. Normally I have the most trouble choosing colours for the red heads….well, the mermaids with red or orange hair. Maybe I pay more attention to those shades, since with the exception of a few white hairs, I am also a red head.  There is just so much variety in the ginger spectrum, from strawberry blond to orange to auburn (me).

I began this quartet with the strawberry blond, orange yarn haired mermaid. I love this shade of orange yarn  (pumpkin from Red Heart) with the purple lavender yarn. Next I moved to the blond mermaid. The request was for short hair - a first for the loopy hair. Third was the red yarn hair mermaid and finally the brunette.

I have never studied the colour wheel, but most of the colors feel somewhat cool in their undertones. I really wanted the group of mermaids to feel cohesive yet each one needed to be unique and beautiful on her own.


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