Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Creative Solutions: Transparent Envelopes

I am a problem solver. Over the weekend I had a bag of milk but no container to put it in. I use bags of milk for making yogurt but my husband and I prefer different types of drinking milk so I usually buy the cartons for drinking. I’m sure the container is still packed from our recent move. So I problem solved – I used an empty crackers box with the lining removed. Works surprisingly well.

I ran into another problem recently when I was preparing to mail an envelope. I realized that it was too translucent for my liking. Solution:  I improvised with a quick sketch of my cats. Now the question is who will be finding this envelope in their mailbox in a week’s time?

My question to you, what quick and creative methods have you used to solve a problem? Feel free to post your comments either here on my blog, or on my Facebook Page.


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