Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Going the Extra Mile - Special Packaging


When I was writing science papers, I learned to be very precise and concise. I'm a practical sort of a gal and it came naturally. I suppose it is one of the reasons that I like to be eco-friendly as well.

My approach for packaging my orders for shipping is similar. I do what is necessary. Something to protect my toys from water (although everything I make is washable), the toy, and business card. Rarely do I print the invoice- it is available online through Etsy.

Changing Things Up

But it can be really fun to break from the norm once in a while. 

I was asked to gift wrap an elephant rattle. It was Easter weekend and all the local shops were closed. I checked my gift wrapping supplies. There were some festive Christmas bags and wrapping paper. Hmm, that wouldn't work.

I could have used some blank paper and decorated it with hand drawn pictures. That would have been cute. But then I remembered how my mother always has a stash of drawstrings bags - always great for that awkwardly shaped gift. Mom is great hemming pants and sewing Hallowe'en costumes. I had a solution, and it gave me an excuse to expand my sewing skills, too.

I found some great, fun, and gender neutral fabric in my stash. I spent a bit of time conceptualizing how to sew a bag: sew up the sides and make a pocket for the string. On the first attempt I accidentally sewed the bag shut, but a little scissor work fixed that.

I love receiving interesting requests. There are so many things I  want to learn to do, but the procrastinator in my never can find the time unless it is something I am asked to do. I'm proud of my little sewing success. I think that this elephant will have a great trip to Australia. What do you think?


  1. Susan,

    The gender neutral cloth bag is wonderful!

    1. Thanks! I always meant to gain some machine sewing skills so I have a collection of fabric for "someday". It was really fun to make - and not nearly as difficult as I had feared!