Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Colour Inspiration: Maple Trees in Bloom

I am loving the change in season. You may have noticed from my previous colour inspiration posts, Growing Up in the 80's and Summer Blueberries  that I have been all about color this spring. I've even rearranged my Etsy shop by colour. Must be the sunshine and longer days.

 Last month during a morning walk,  I took this gorgeous picture of a blooming maple tree. Ever since I realized that decidous trees bloom, I have  loved looking at tree flowers. They arrive quickly in Spring, much sooner than the tulips and daffodiles. And I am definitely a plant person. You may not know this about me, but I completed my Master of Science (M.Sc) in botany. I have always been a nature lover and my surroundings inspire my crochet art.

The above picture was the inspiration for this palette. The color combinations are unusual for me, and that was very exciting. Trying new things is a definite perk of my work. And this new aspect of focusing on color has me feeling more like a true artist. Some of the toys I made with theses colors focus on the reds while in others the blue sings out as the reds become accents.

The colors of yarn that I used in this palette are from Red Heart: Burgundy (#0376), Turqua (#0512), and a reddish-pink. I'm not sure the name of this color since the label sleeve has been misplaced. But Coral (#0726) is similar, but more has a more orange (rather than pink) base.

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