Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Fifty Rattles for Fiddleheads!

I love the group pictures - they look all snuggly!

My largest wholesale order ever and it should be arriving soon at Fiddleheads for KidsI have mentioned this store in other blog posts, but it bears repeating. If you are visiting the Halifax, Nova Scotia area, I highly recommend popping in. They are located at 300 Prince Albert Rd, Dartmouth, NS.  The store is described as a lifestyle store for kids aged 0-4 years.

What went in the box: 4 lobsters, 1 seagull, 8 monkeys, 3 bright yellow ducks, 8 carrots, 2 dragonflies, 6 giraffes, 2 elephants, 4 turtles, 6 mermaids, and 6 teddy bears. The teddy bear rattles are brand new for Fiddleheads and it is the first time they have been available in store. Check them out and let me know what you think!

Sometimes when I am working on many multiples of the same toy, I make specific parts all at the same time. That way I can memorize part of the pattern and work more quickly. Since all my prices are based on the time spent making them, it is a win-win situation :) Recently I made7 giraffes, 6 for Fiddleheads, and the seventh is currently hanging out on Etsy while waiting to find his new family.  

Work-in-progress giraffes - I love their cute faces!


  1. They do all look snuggly in there! Hope you are well Susan, missed you at Crafters this time around :(

  2. I missed not being at Crafters too, but I'll be applying for the December show, and I missed not being able to talk your ear off! Hope you had a great show!