Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Coming to a Store Near You?

 Nothing is official yet, but I am currently chatting with two new stores to carry my line of toys. The first store is in William's Lake, British Columbia (Canada) and they are interested in fruit and vegetable ratttles. The second store is all about mermaids (love it!) and is located in Rhode Island (USA). I need to figure out some paperwork, make toys, etc before the orders will be finalized. Once everything is ready and shipped, I will let you know and update my Shopping Page. I have also been very busy making orders for Fiddleheads in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia (Canada).

Oh, and I have another bit of unofficial news. There is a new online website for geeky parents interested in featuring my Goomba rattle. Goombas are those brown, owl-like bad guys from Super Mario Bros. The website is set to go live near the beginning of July. Once I finish up two wholesale orders, I'll be making a bunch of Goombas (I'll also make them for Hal-Con in October)  

The weather in Ottawa has been muggy lately and that has slowed down my crocheting. But hopefully the heat will be passing in few days.

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