Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Handmade Everyday: Soap

I am back after a couple of weeks off of blogging. Mom came to Ottawa for a visit and I was busy playing the tourist :)

I'm a huge supporter of handmade. The reasons are endless, but here are a few:
  •   I am supporting my community (country, etc) - my money goes further and will stay in the community longer compared to big businesses and it encourages fair labour practices, creativity, and skilled workers.
  •   I am supporting likeminded people.
  •   The pride in their products leads to high quality wares.

This list could be much longer. But it comes down to my personal motto: "Through example, create the world you want to live in". Any suggestions on how to better phrase that?

When available and within my budget, I add handmade items to my everyday life. I have been a huge fan of handmade soap for years. I have really dry skin. Add that to crocheting for The Silver Hook, gardening, cooking, and washing dishes and my hands can be in pretty rough shape. I need gentle and moisturizing soap - characteristics I have found in handmade bars. The ones that I chose use are scent-free or mildly scented with essential oils. They sell for $6-10 a bar and are worth every penny!

In Halifax, I have loved the great fragrances of vegan Osha Mae Soap, and, in Ottawa, Honey & Beeswax soap at the Brewer Park Ottawa Farmers Market near Carleton University. If you cannot find any at your local markets, complete a search on Etsy  and in the left column you can choose a shop location.


  1. Fantastic article as always, I am seriously considering something along the lines of an affiliate section on my own site ­ so very timely post.

  2. Thanks :) Sounds like a good idea - I'll have to keep that in mind for my website as well!