Wednesday, January 23, 2013



IMG_2944Still in the first month of the new year and am already off track on one of my goals – writing 52 blog posts this year. Roughly one each week. But I missed last week. I plan to still meet my goal by completing 2 posts in one week in the near future.

Why did I miss a post?

My husband and I are expecting our first baby due March 31st. . Last week, I simply had other things to do.

Baby is going to change so much of my life including The Silver Hook. I am sure that Baby will change my daily routine (especially since I work from home), but I love to crochet and will definitely continue to make more toys and patterns. Below are two ways in which having a baby will be motivating The Silver Hook.


I love talking with customers and finding out how my toys hold up to the rigours of child’s play. Repeatedly I’ve been told that my toys are durable (strong, washable, and dryable) and great for teething. I’ve felt bad that I could not directly test this (as much as I would love to gnaw on a toy, I am just not the right person for the job). I think Baby will be up for the task.

New designs and colors inspire my work with The Silver Hook. I have read that bright, contrasting colors grab the attention of youngsters. Equally I need to determine which shapes and sizes are the most appealing and easy to hold. Maybe I could line up various colors or designs in a row and see which Baby chooses.

Toy Model

What new parent doesn’t love taking pictures!?! Based on recommendations from Etsy and other websites, having a model in pictures is great for showing scale and helping potential customers imagine the product in use. I think that for the first few years Baby would make a great toy model for my Etsy Shop

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