Thursday, February 7, 2013

New Product for Crafters: Small Rattle Inserts


IMG_3087I love making rattle toys, and they are my top sellers. Years ago I used squeaker inserts, but I was having trouble maintaining a quality supply of inserts, plus they were difficult for young children to squeeze. So I switched to rattles!

Two or three times a year I place a large, bulk, wholesale order of fused plastic rattle inserts. This way I am able to offer some of stock to other crafters at reasonable prices. I am happy to announce I now have 2 sizes available!

Small Size Now Available

IMG_3081When I was getting ready to place my last rattle order, I was excited to discover that a new, smaller size was now available: 3/4 inch diameter. I just had to try them out and added them to my usual order of 1.5 inch diameter rattle order. The rattle sound is slightly softer, but they are the same great quality and work great in smaller projects. I have already been using them in Penny Penguin. I’ll continue to use the larger rattle inserts in the carrots, since I like the shape they provide.

Both sizes of inserts are made from two short plastic cylinders fitted and fused together with plastic balls on the inside to provide the sound. Since they are a contained item that will not break apart, they are child-friendly and machine washer/dryer safe.

You can find both sizes of rattle inserts now listed in The Silver Hook Etsy Shop.



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