Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Extra Love with Hearts


IMG_3254Every yarn crafter eventually winds up with a large stash of yarn odds and ends. If they are natural fibres like cotton or wool, you can cut up leftover yarn into strands, stuff them into a perforated bag (like an onion bag), and hang outside. Birds will grab strands for their nests.

With my odd balls of acrylic yarn, I wanted to make something that would be cute, work up quickly, and could be added to orders. Hearts show the love! I have been making them in all different sizes. I’m not sure what people are doing with these hearts, but I’m happy if they create a smile or two. Keeping reading below for some suggestions for these hearts!


Some ideas for the hearts:

  • String them on a cord or elastic thread to make a necklace or bracelet.
  • Add a pin backing
  • Sew them on a seasonal wreath
  • Christmas ornaments
  • Or even make them into a mobile.
  • Use them for teaching young children to sorting, grouping, and patterning
  • Add them to a clear jar for home decor

Those are the first ideas off the top of my head. Comment below or on Facebook to share your ideas!



  1. What fabulous ideas!!

  2. I also have large Ikea glass jars full of bits of sock yarns... thanks for the great ideas to use up those mini-balls!