Saturday, March 2, 2013

March Goals


greysHappy Birthday to my sister the avid knitter!

March already! February was a great month. I participated in the OVCC craft show, filled an order for Fiddleheads, and had great pattern sales on Etsy (especially the alien pattern). I helped a fellow crocheter resize my carrot pattern. Oh, and other than the one missed in January, I’m up to date with my blog post goal.

Now I am looking ahead to March. It is going to be a busy month culminating with my due date, March 31. Baby’s weight was estimated at 7.5lbs at my 34 week ultrasound, so I think we are in for a large baby. With our baby preparations this month (and my extra fatigue), I want to set out some specific goals to keep The Silver Hook on track this month.


My first goal is to catch up on all my outstanding orders. I have a custom order for Sci-Fi fan: High Guard Force Lance from Andromeda. I love getting custom orders. It’s through them that I feel I most improve my crochet design skills. I am also working on a request for a Weeping Angel doll from Doctor Who.


Second, as another custom request I have designed a pineapple amigurumi. My goal for March is to publish my pattern and add it to my Etsy, Craftsy, and Ravelry shops. What do you think of the design? Speaking of designs, I also want to work on my elephant pattern and perhaps have that online this month as well.


My final crochet goal is to continue building stock; specifically 20 toys. I know that once Baby arrives, finding long hours to crochet will become difficult. I think I’ll start with pineapples (I’ll make a few while perfecting the pattern), turtles, and elephants. Any suggestions for other toys?

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