Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Rainbow Baby Blanket: Part 2, Size and Pattern


IMG_4905In Part 1, I described how and why I chose to use a bright rainbow collection of worsted weight acrylic yarn for my baby blanket. In this post I go into detail on the size and pattern of the blanket I made specially for my newborn son, Noah. He’s doing a great job modelling it in this picture :)

Size and Pattern

The final measurements of the blanket are 40 inches x 38 inches. I was aiming for at least 3 feet x 3 feet, but that was only a rough goal. When I began the blanket I had not figured out what sort of border I was going to add.  I am very happy with the finished size. It is small enough to easily transport, but large enough for tummy time and to be useful for years.

The stitches mostly used in this pattern are double crochets (DC) in a classic ripple pattern. Ripples are pretty common in both crochet and knitting – basically you increase in the peaks and decrease in the valleys/troughs. I started with CH 126. On the peaks I increased by one and decreased by one in the valleys. If you wanted a deeper, stronger ripples you would increase and decrease by a larger number.

To enhance the texture, I worked in the back loops when beginning a new colour.

The white border was finished with a row of reverse single crochet stitches (RSC) – single crochet stitches worked from left to right instead of the usual right to left. This stitch ties up the individual front and back loops of the previous round and the blanket will be less likely to be snagged or pulled. The stitch forms a pretty spiral that adds another texture for Noah’s little fingers to explore.



New Product for The Silver Hook?

I really enjoyed making this blanket.  I am thinking about making another to test out in my Etsy shop. What do you think of the idea? Does it suit my product line or seem out of place?


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