Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Buffer App: An Increase in Social Media

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If you follow my Facebook Page or my Twitter account, you might have noticed that I have been posting often an regularly. For years I’ve been using RSS feeds to follow an assortment of crafting, crocheting, finance, and news websites. With many hours being spent nursing my baby, I have had lots of time to spend on Feedly (I used to use Google Reader before it ended last month).

There are so many quality posts online, and I want to share some of my favourites with you. But I also don’t want to overwhelm anyone with a large volume of posts showing up in a clump on anyone’s newsfeed. To solve this problem, I began to use Buffer App (thanks to my husband for finding this). Basically I can now queue my favourite links and posts with the click of a button. The app can be customized for various social media websites and the user has control over when and where posts publish. I’m using the free version and loving it.
My current set up is posting 4 times daily on Twitter, and 3 times daily on Facebook. If you are following me on either platform, you can see my favourite crafting, crocheting, and parenting posts. Further, I am also posting my top news/environment links on Twitter.


Have you noticed the change? Do you find I am posting enough, too much, or too little? Are there any other topics I should include?

Summer Vacation

I’m taking a vacation for the month of August. Patterns will continue to be available on Ravelry and Craftsy. I have yet to decide if I will leave the patterns available on Etsy or place my shop on vacation.

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