Tuesday, January 6, 2015

New Year, New Calm Palette


IMG_0722Happy New Year everyone! Now that the cold weather has a firm grip on Ottawa and Noah somewhat consistently naps in the afternoon, I am ready to hook. I have some pattern ideas on the back burners, but this week I have been inspired by colour. The holidays were hectic and 2013 was a hard year globally speaking. With the new year, I wanted to feel calm. Temperatures are well below freezing and looking outside, I am surrounded by Winter calm. Keep reading below for the colours.

The yarn I am currently working with from Red Heart are CafĂ© Latte (brown), Aran (beige), Light Blue, Pale Plum (purple), Light Raspberry. So far I am working on a set of 4 mermaids, but I may  expand these colours to bunnies and turtles.



  1. I love these calm colours! I find the light blue, plum, and beige in particular remind me of the prism of colours when winter sunshine sparkles on the ice.

  2. Thank you for your beautiful description :) I thought about using green as a transition to Spring, but it didn't feel right.