Friday, March 6, 2015

A Quartet of Mermaids


IMG_1867Recently I blogged about a calm colour palette: made up of a blue, pink, purple, and brown yarn. After a busy holiday season, I needed some time to wind down. This week I finished four mermaids inspired by these colours. Keep reading below for a neat characteristic of their hair.



During the 7 years in which I have been professionally crocheting, I’ve altered the mermaid pattern many times. You can look back at this blog’s archive to see the progression. A more recent improvement has been for the mermaid hair. This hair is created by (this next part is a bit technical) forming locks of hair on the cap by forming a long chain and working half double crochet stitches (hdc) along the length. The result is wild and crazy hair that ranges from somewhat straight to curly. The styles are created by twisting or flattening the locks by hand. Plus, the styles are completely reversible.


When I was taking the pictures for this article and for my Etsy shop, my furry helper decided to show her love of mermaids.


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